Frequently Asked Questions

Once you enquire with us, you should hear from one of our team members by phone with 2 working days. They will chat with you about our process, just to make sure it’s a process that your happy to proceed with. We will then ask you some questions about your property, to be able to gain an understanding of it. We then submit this information to our investors. Hopefully, at least one of the investors will be interested in your property, and if they are we will make an introduction between you and them. And the negotiations on the property are conducted between you and the investor, or a representative of that investor.

One of the most important questions we will ask in your phone call to you is how much are you prepared to sell your property for? If you cannot answer this question, then we, unfortunately, cannot submit your property to our investors. Therefore its really important for you to know how much you would be comfortable with to sell your property for.

If you do not have any idea on the value of our property, we recommend you get a registered valuation. You should be able to find a registered valuer in your local area by Googling.

We would also like to point out that an appraisal conducted by most real estate agents is not an accurate determination of market value. Agents will often inflate the appraisal to excite you to gain your listing with them (this is why financial institutions such as banks and other lenders do not lend on appraisal price).

Most of the inquiries we receive are from people who want to sell privately to save on real estate agent fees, marketing costs and home staging costs, which even for a modest house sale can add up to thousands of dollars.

Also, we offer the added advantages of no interruptions of an open market typical real estate process, that involves multiple open homes, people coming through your property and the disruption and stress that can cause.

Our assessment process carefully considers the current market value, before providing an offer based on this and other important factors 

In the past private investors have often been seen as making their money through buying properties that are undervalued. Recent years this very rarely the case.

Each House Buy investor has their own circumstances and strategies that determine what they want to consider and purchase. They could be looking to see where they can add value to a property to make their returns. This could be anything from a renovation, renting it, an extensive development or holding onto the property over time.

House Buy was not set up to be simply a money-making operation for its stakeholders.

The investors that House Buy represents collectively contribute to cover the costs of administering the business (including all the background work that is required to carefully draw up offers), seeing their property acquisitions as part of a longer-term strategy of investment.

House Buy’s role in this process is to facilitate in gathering information about your property and submitting it to our group of investors. Should one (or more) be interested, we then introduce you to that investor.

House Buy’s role is to introduce you and your property to a prospect investor, if they are interested. Each property, investor and dealing is unique. House Buys does not represent the investor and we are not involved in the offer you may receive, or the transactions involved.

There is no legal commitment on your part until agreeable conditions have been met by both parties and the sales and purchase agreement has been signed and committed.